Creative websites for hiring workers and job hunting


Using the Internet to connect with people who have particular skills sets has become extremely popular in an era of more and more contract work.

I recently told you about a service called, where people share things they’re willing to do for $5. You might be able to hire someone to review your resume, design a website, improve a PowerPoint presentation or even write your Maid of Honor speech — all for $5! The low price is often a loss leader allowing a contractor to develop a client base for their particular area of expertise.

Then I’ve also talked in the past about, which you can use to find freelancing and consulting jobs, or to offer your freelance services to others.

Now The San Francisco Chronicle has written up several other sites that offer similar options:

  • allows you to hire someone in your local area to run errands for you. For example, if you buy Ikea furniture, you might hire a “rabbit” to assemble it for you. The service is only available in select areas.
  • lets you get price quotes and book appointments for local services, such as those provided by a plumber or electrician. Again, may only be available in select areas.

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