Really want that job? This is the best way to stand out after an interview


If you really need a job but you know you’re one of perhaps hundreds of talented professionals fighting for a chance, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

This week on the radio show, Clark gave a young man some very helpful advice when it came to catching a company’s attention after a job interview.

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Try this tip after a job interview

A caller asked Clark, ‘Clark, I just interviewed with a company, and I really want the job. What can I do to stand out?’ 

Clark’s advice was simple, yet profound. ‘Many people are in the habit of sending a blind email to the company thanking them for an interview. But if you want to stand out, write a hand-written letter thanking the hiring manager for the opportunity. Virtually no one does that now, and it’s much more effective than following up via phone.’ 

Clark's #1 piece of advice for how to stand out after a job interview

He said this works best for a small to mid-size company, and you’ll want to find the right person to send the thank you letter to — ideally the person making the final decision.

One exception

One exception to the handwritten note is if you have terrible handwriting. In this case, it would make the most sense to type a thank you note and sign your name.

The truth about getting a great job is that if you really want that job, in addition to having talent and skill, you need to find ways to stand out! Writing a follow up thank you note is one professional way to do just that. 

More job pointers

Regardless of if you’ve just started searching for a job, you’ve been searching for a while or you will be searching in the future, these other tips can help you!


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