5 Ways To Get a Great Paying Job With Minimal Education


It has been so frustrating to me that at a time when pay checks are hollowing out and people are underemployed, there are 5 million jobs across the country going unfilled. Why? Because employers simply can’t find people with skills to fill those jobs.
Thankfully, there are now a number of initiatives to close the skills gap. Such initiatives often involve trade school instead of traditional college.

Here are 5 opportunities that let you earn big bucks with little education

1. The Tennessee Promise plan allows all high school graduates to attend 2-year community colleges or technical schools for free.

2. South Carolina is designing programs at trade schools to match with the skills employers desire.

3. Texas is offering free tuition plus paid internships so people can get the skills they need.

4. The Wall Street Journal reports Chevron Phillips needs 3,000 people to fill jobs that pay $100,000 a year. They can’t find anybody with the skills to fill these jobs! So they’re offering $18 an hour internships while people go tuition-free to community college to get the skills needed to work in chemical facilities owned by the company.

5. Dow Chemical has an apprenticeship program where they are spending $100,000 per participant to apprentice people into the skills needed to work in their plants.

There are so many of these jobs with high salaries, but you have to have the set of skills required for them. All across America, we need to think about how to get people who aren’t traditional college material into these programs. You can make a really great salary by getting the skills needed, and it often just involves one or two years of technical college.

So if you’re at a dead end in your career, you need to start thinking outside the box. Look for things you can pick up the skills for that could generate a fantastic income with advancement opportunities. There are 5 million of these openings out there!

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