What you need to know to find a new job in 2016


5 tips to get a new job in 2016

1. Timing is everything. The top hiring months are January and February, and late September and October, according to Scott Testa, chief operating officer of Mindbridge Software. On the flip side, hiring usually slows down during the summer.

2. Network. Since many open positions are never posted online, you’re doing yourself a disservice by limiting your job search to the Internet. Tell friends and former coworkers you’re looking; they may be able to steer you in the right direction. In fact, networking still remains the key factor in getting a job offer.

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3. Brag. Take that list of “goals and objectives” out of your resume and replace it with a summary statement focusing on past accomplishments.

4. Volunteer. If you can’t find work, you still need to do something with your time. According to a recent study, volunteer experience helped unemployed twenty-somethings find jobs faster than their counterparts who didn’t volunteer.

5. Clean up. Potential employers will search for your social media profiles, so make sure they aren’t full of questionable pictures, references to drugs and alcohol, and discriminatory comments.


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