University of Michigan unveils free tuition plan for some students


In the midst of rising costs for higher education, the University of Michigan has announced how it will go above and beyond for some low- and middle-income students.

University of Michigan announces Go Blue Guarantee for families of students making less than $65,000

Starting in January of 2018, some University of Michigan undergrad students will be eligible for the Go Blue Guarantee. This program provides expanded opportunities for students who might otherwise consider higher education unattainable or unreasonable.

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel spoke after the Board of Regents approved the budget containing the program. “The Go Blue Guarantee cuts through the complexities of financial aid to help us reach talented students from all communities in our state. I’ve always believed that talent is ubiquitous in our society, but opportunity most certainly is not,” said Schlissel.

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This financial aid program applies to all enrolled and incoming students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan as long as they’re eligible. To be eligible for the Go Blue Guarantee you must:

There is no plan to cap the number of eligible students who receive this financial aid package. The Go Blue Guarantee covers four years of tuition and mandatory fees and likely includes a variety of aid awards from federal grants to private scholarships.

Students who qualify for the program may also qualify for additional need-based financial aid to cover room and board, books, and other expenses.

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Currently, the Go Blue Guarantee is only being implemented for students attending the Ann Arbor campus. This initiative to draw in bright students from all income levels allows students to pursue education regardless of financial restraints.

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