The best university in America is”¦


If there’s a student in your life who’s trying to decide which college to attend, the annual rankings from U.S. News & World Report might help narrow down the list of potential schools. 

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These are the best colleges in the USA 

Once again, Princeton University was top-rated in the best national university category. 

The U.S. News & World Report rankings of more than 1,800 U.S.-based schools focused on up to 15 measures of academic quality, including student outcomes – like graduation and retention rates.

Here are the top 10 national universities, plus tuition and fees for one academic year: 

1. Princeton University 

  • Princeton, New Jersey
  • $45,320 tuition and fees 
  • 5,402 undergraduate enrollment

2. Harvard University

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • $47,074 tuition and fees 
  • 6,699 undergraduate enrollment 

3. University of Chicago (tie)

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • $52,491 tuition and fees 
  • 5,844 undergraduate enrollment 

3. Yale University (tie)

  • New Haven, Connecticut
  • $49,480 tuition and fees 
  • 5,532 undergraduate enrollment 

5. Columbia University (tie)

  • New York City
  • $55,056 tuition and fees 
  • 6,102 undergraduate enrollment 

5. Stanford University (tie)

  • Stanford, California
  • $47,940 tuition and fees 
  • 6,999 undergraduate enrollment 

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • $48,452 tuition and fees 
  • 4,527 undergraduate enrollment

8. Duke University (tie)

  • Durham, North Carolina
  • $51,265 tuition and fees 
  • 6,639 undergraduate enrollment 

8. University of Pennsylvania (tie)

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • $51,464 tuition and fees 
  • 9,726 undergraduate enrollment

10. Johns Hopkins University 

  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • $50,410 tuition and fees 
  • 6,524 undergraduate enrollment

The price tag for these schools is staggering, but most of the students receive scholarships or financial aid, which explains why some of these schools are also considered “best values’ by U.S. News. 

Of course, many would argue that the true best value is going to a community college first.

Clark is a big fan of the idea of starting out at a two-year community college and then transferring to a state or other bigger four-year school where you plan to graduate from. And when you think about it, have you ever heard an employer ask where you started school?

Click here for the full college rankings from U.S. News & World Report, including those ‘best value’ schools. 

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