Watch a teen become the Rubik’s Cube World Champ in 6 seconds


An Australian teenager just took home his second world title after winning this year’s Rubik’s Cube World Championship.

What it takes to be a ‘speedcubing’ champ

Feliks Zemdegs, 19, solved the puzzle in just 5.69 seconds, only 0.44 seconds short of beating the world record. The teen says he prepared for the competition by practicing every day for a month — sometimes up to six hours a day.

The championships, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, featured several types of competitions involving the ‘world’s best-selling toy.’ Zemdegs won the main event — the 3x3x3 cube, which has 9 squares on each side — but speedcubers also competed in categories with bigger cubes, and even raced to solve the puzzle blindfolded, one-handed and with their feet.

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