Indiana sets precedent for school voucher programs


Clark is heartened to share some good news — Indiana is about to become a leader in school voucher programs.

The Indiana state court upheld a law allowing students to utilize school money for private school vouchers. This movement sets a new path of hope for our children who are consigned to failing schools in many districts in the public school system. And it could set a precedent for states to follow all across the country.

For the U.S. to be competitive on the world stage, we have to provide educational opportunities for all, regardless of one’s neighborhood or income. Our nation’s future prosperity depends on it.

So many kids are sentenced to poorly-run, dead end schools that make it impossible to learn, and lead to nothing but hopelessness. Now they’ll have an escape hatch, getting an opportunity to attend private schools, to better prepare themselves for the work force or higher education.

Not every kid is cut out for in college, but every kid should be given the chance to be the best they can be. Hats off to the State of Indiana.

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