Google project aims to make kids smarter and safer online


Teaching kids internet safety can be challenging, especially when technology seems to change every ten seconds. Google has launched an effort to help kids learn how to be savvy online citizens with its new  “Be Internet Awesome” campaign.

Kids can be smarter and safer online with Google’s game

The program features a game called Interland, in which kids play through levels that focus on five key ideas of internet engagement. The levels include:

  1. Be Internet Smart: Share with Care
  2. Be Internet Alert: Don’t Fall for Fake
  3. Be Internet Strong: Secure your Secrets
  4. Be Internet Kind: It’s Cool to be Kind
  5. Be Internet Brave: When in Doubt, Talk it Out

The education doesn’t stop with young people, though: Google has resources to encourage teachers to incorporate the training into classrooms and even provides a curriculum for the course. Google is also pairing with the National Parent Teacher Association to issue grants to PTAs across the U.S. for internet safety workshops.

Along with a lesson plan, a poster and completion certificates are available. Kids can also construct a print-out paper craft offered through the program. The activities are all designed to make kids aware of the impact of their actions online.

Families can also sign a pledge promising to be conscious of their internet activity and follow an outline Google provides on responsible internet use. There’s also has a short course for adults called the “Digital Citizenship and Safety Course,” which aims to train adults how to teach kids about internet safety.

Listen to Clark talk about “Be Internet Awesome” on the Clark Howard Show

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