These four siblings are all graduating college together


The Wimberley family has a lot to celebrate.

The four Wimberley siblings — Danielle, 22, twins James and Mark, 20, and Michael, 17, are all graduating from Chapman University in Orange, California, May 21.

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How 4 siblings are graduating on the same day

KTLA reported that Michael Wimberley, 17, started attending the school four years ago when he was just a preteen.

‘I would not trade anything I did,’ Michael said.’It made me who I am today.’

It was the oldest sibling and only sister, Danielle, who applied to the school first.

‘(My siblings) all wanted to join me, too because we’re all really close and we like doing things together,’  she said.

‘We dual enrolled at (community college) Santiago Canyon College, and eventually found ourselves taking 19 units per semester,’ Michael told the Daily Mail Online.

The siblings live 10 minutes away from the university. KTLA reported that the siblings are pursuing various degrees, including communications and math, at the private university.

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The diversity in their degrees will serve the Wimberleys well, as they also have a bluegrass band in which they all sing and perform. Danielle Wimberley plays the mandolin, James Wimberley plays the banjo, Mark Wimberley plays guitar and Michael Wimberley plays the fiddle.

‘We did everything together,’ Mark said. ‘I couldn’t imagine doing this by myself because I always have these guys.’

The Wimberleys don’t show signs of slowing down. In addition to making music, KTLA reported that the siblings plan to come back to Chapman University in the fall to start graduate classes. 

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four siblings graduate college same day

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