Charter schools win a victory in two more states


Voters in both Washington state and Georgia spoke out in favor of school choice on Election Day.

The thing I love is that charter schools take the “one size fits all” mentality of public education and allow for continuous creativity and innovation. If one charter school is a stinker, it either adapts or it ceases to exist!

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are wonderful public schools in America. If you have a kid in a public school that you love, fantastic. That’s where they should be.

But the problem is we run public education in a way that would make Lenin happy. The school district decides whether your kid goes to a crummy public school or a great public school based solely on where you live. Or else people of means send their kids to private school.

I’ve watched the fights in districts around the country about realigning school boundaries. A kid can go from being in a high-performing school to a piece of garbage school overnight. The teacher’s union has been no help in this regard.

I believe that charter schools can act a magnet for more families to move into neighborhoods if you get one that performs particularly well.

This is not a debate that’s going away. This is core and central to our competitiveness in the world. Education is the key to success in career and life. And I’m so happy that a way to get your kids a better public education just got a little easier in Georgia and Washington state.

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