Can’t find a college major that suits you? Here are 16 you’ve never heard of


Are you in college and having trouble picking a major? If you’d like to do something a little (or a lot) out of the ordinary, you might be interested in some of these oddball degrees. One of them reportedly can help land you land a job that pays $164,000!

Special thanks to Yahoo! Finance/BankRate for compiling these wacky real-life degree programs.

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16 weird college degrees and how much they pay

University of North Dakota in Grand Forks offers a B.S. in aeronautics with a major in unmanned aircraft systems operations. Translation: You’ll be trained to fly drones!

Salary: $71,000

Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis offers a motor sports engineering degree. For those who aspire to be in the pit crew at NASCAR races!

Salary: $20,000

Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland, Wash., offers a two-year funeral services degree. For the aspiring funeral service director or professional embalmer.

Salary: $41,000

Kansas State University offers a B.F.A. in bakery science and management. With this degree, you’ll be able to work in food manufacturing, research labs or commercial bakeries.


Salary: $90,000

DePaul University in Chicago offers a costume technology major. This degree lets you go into film, TV or theater as a costumer maker, prop maker or fashion designer.

Salary: $49,000

Embry-Riddle University in Prescott, Ariz., offers a forensic biology major for the aspiring CSI junkie.

Salary: $41,000-$59,000

Gobegic Community College in Ironwood, Mich., has an associate of technology degree in ski area management.

Salary: $164,000

Santa Monica College in California offers a recycling and resource management associate degree if you want a ‘green’ job like recycling specialist.

Salary: $59,000

Carroll College in Helena, Montana, offers an anthrozoology major that can lead to a job in research, zoos, animal-assisted therapy activities and more.


Salary: $11,000-$38,000

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University of Nevada Las Vegas has a B.S. in entertainment engineering and design that will prep you to create stage shows for the Las Vegas Strip.

Salary: $61,000

Florida Southern College in Lakeland offers the one and only bachelor’s degree in citrus in the entire country. This degree qualifies you to work in the state’s citrus industry.

Salary: $44,000

University of Montana Western in Dillon offers a four-year degree in natural horsemanship. You’ll be able to work as a ranch manager, mounted tour guide or horse trainer.

Salary: $25,000

Oregon State University in Corvallis offers a B.S. in fermentation. Expect to work in the beer industry, a regulatory agency or for an artisan food maker.

Salary: $32,000-$82,000


University of California, Davis offers a degree in food science with a brewing option. See above for career options.

Salary: $32,000-$82,000

Southern Utah University in Cedar City offers a bachelor’s degree program in outdoor recreation in parks and tourism. With this degree, you can expect to work for tourism companies, national agencies and wilderness adventure organizations.

Salary: $25,000-$63,000

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh offers a B.F.A. in instrumental performance with a specialty in bagpiping. There is no known job you’ll get after obtaining this degree!

Salary: N/A

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