7 ways to get free or cheap holiday wrapping paper

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Although you could spend several thousand dollars on rhinestone-studded wrapping paper, ($7,000 – $30,000 to be exact), most people spend a lot less, opting to focus more on the gift beneath the paper than the paper itself. Plus, it’s likely going straight into the trash…

So if you’re interested in saving some money by spending less on gift wrap, we’ve compiled a list of the best places and ways to get cheap or free wrapping paper! 

7 ways to save on wrapping

1. Dollar stores

The dollar stores are a fantastic place to pick up low-cost gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue paper and other wrapping accessories. Check out Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar.

2. Buy in bulk

If you don’t want to worry about buying wrapping paper every season, buy in bulk from a warehouse club like Costco. You might be stuck with the same design for several years, but buying in bulk will lower the overall cost of the paper and other supplies. 

3. Do you have kids? Ask them to create wrapping paper! 

This might be a fun project, especially if you need to find something for your kids to do while you’re cooking or trying to decorate for the holidays. Give them a theme that goes along with your holiday decor, or just ask them to draw whatever their creativity inspires. It makes gifts given to family extra special! 

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4. After-Christmas sales

We’re obviously right in the midst of the holiday shopping season, but make a note to yourself to scoop up wrapping paper after Christmas is over for next year. You can save more than 70% on paper! 

5. Use newspaper or plain brown paper 

You can make newspaper or plain brown paper snazzy by using colored twine or string, or just popping a bow on top. It looks cool, too! 

6. Save bags and wrapping for next year

Gift bags are great since they can be re-used, while wrapping paper is generally thrown away. But, if you come across gift wrap for a large gift that hasn’t been crumpled, you can save the bigger pieces for wrapping smaller gifts later on. 

Also, if you get any gifts early in the month, save the bags or leftover wrapping, ribbons, bows, etc. to use for your last-minute wrapping needs just before Christmas.


7. Use printable paper

You’ll still have to use some printer ink and paper, but if you’re in a hurry, there are many websites that offer free downloadable wrapping paper designs! Check out some of these sites for free paper designs: 

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