7 things on deep discount in August

School supplies
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The month of August marks back-to-school time as well as the end of the summer shopping season. School supplies might be on the top of your list right now, but there are plenty of other great deals to find this month!

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The best deals you’ll find in August

Here are some of the best bargains available in August.

Computers and tablets

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current laptop or you have a student heading off to college, August is a great time to buy a new laptop. Look for deals on Chromebooks and bundle deals that include antivirus software.  If you’re lucky enough to have a Tax-Free Weekend, some of these laptop deals may even be exempt from sales tax!


Retailers are making room for their fall lines by offering fantastic deals on hot weather clothing during the month of August. If you’re looking for deals on swimsuits, shirts, tank tops and flip-flops now is the time to buy. You’ll find some great online deals on these items but you may find even deeper discounts by shopping in-store.

Dorm furniture and linens

As college students start shopping for back-to-school items, retailers are offering huge savings on dorm room essentials like sheets, bedding and small furniture. However, you don’t have to be a college student to take advantage of these deals! Stores like Big Lots, Walmart and Aldi are offering especially good prices on these items right now.

Home storage

Although it isn’t spring, it’s still a great time to get organized! Retailers are offering savings on closet organizers and other storage solutions this month. These will come in handy when you start packing up your summer clothes for the winter months.

Outdoor furniture and grills

There is still plenty of time to enjoy the warm summer weather and you can do it while saving your hard earned dollars. Take advantage of the fantastic end of season deals on patio furniture and grills available throughout this month. Stores like Walmart, The Home Depot and Big Lots are offering some of the best deals right now.

School supplies

If you made it through the month of July without buying any school supplies, your patience will be rewarded. Stores are looking to get rid of the school supplies they didn’t sell in July so many stores are slashing their prices big time during August. According to Go Banking Rates, the very best school supply deals will be available during the last week of August.


Since all the kids head back to school during August, the demand for airfare is much lower. So, if you haven’t already taken a summer vacation, you’ll want to travel in August! Check out these tips on how to get the very best deal on your summer travel. 

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