Great T-Mobile deal: $140 a month unlimited service for a family of 4!


T-Mobile has a sizzlin’ deal right now for a limited time: A family of 4 can get unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data for $140 a month — or $35 per line!

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T-Mobile offers great unlimited plan deal

Right now T-Mobile is offering unlimited deals for phone plans that include unlimited talk, text, 4G LTE data, unlimited streaming video and music and unlimited travel abroad plus GOGO service starting at $70 a month.

The costs per line are as follows:

  • 1 line: $70 a month
  • 2 lines: $120 a month
  • 3 lines: $140 a month
  • 4 lines: $140 a month
  • 5 lines: $160 a month

Clark commented on the show that this is an extreme deal, and it’s a clear direction with the marketplace moving to unlimited data — with the exception being Verizon.

Verizon has also been offering a family deal for $160 a month with 20GB of data, but due to limitations, Verizon cannot offer unlimited data service to customers.

Time to transition if you’re in a plan with data caps

If you’re in a cell phone plan with data caps and overages, Clark says it’s time to get out of the bill shock! The direction cell phone businesses are going is marking the end of bills with overages.

Plans for families have been a significant deal over the past few months, and T-Mobile’s extraordinary deal might be the right solution for you if you’ve been paying overages in the past.

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