The best sale items to buy in June


If you like to save money as much as I do, do you know that sometimes in the year the calendar is your friend for savings? And right now, in June, this is one of those times.

Consumer Reports says that this is one of the best times of year to buy a computer. Who’s doing that right now, right? So there are some screaming deals. I’ve been seeing Windows-based laptops available for $159 right now. The Macs are being heavily discounted as well, certainly not at that kind of price point.

Other electronics? Camcorders– a steal right now. And small electronics–any kind of DVD player or anything like that– a real deal.

But it’s not just electronics. According to consumer reports, carpeting is a real deal and furniture is also a real bargain during this time of year. And things for the kitchen, because this time of year people just don’t cook as much. Pots, pans–that kind of thing– a real steal right now. So you want to save money? Use the calendar. I’m Clark Howard.

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