T-Mobile’s 20% off for life promo ends March 31


Thinking about switching to T-Mobile? If you do it by March 31, you’ll get your entire bill reduced by one-fifth each month for as long as you’re a customer!

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T-Mobile’s limited-time offer

In an effort to keep growing market share, T-Mobile is doing a mini-promotion called ‘20% off for life’ that’s available when you switch a minimum of one line to their T-Mobile One plan through the end of March.

According to T-Mobile’s website, customers have to get a special code from a store employee to redeem this offer. Just swing by your local T-Mobile store and ask for the code if you’re thinking about switching.

T-Mobile's 20% off for life promo ends March 31

The nice thing about this offer is that it’s not limited to just one line. It even applies to T-Mobile’s unlimited offering of two lines for $100. So that means the final price would be $80 a month for two lines.

That’s a great deal for two people!

Another nice thing about T-Mobile? Their pricing includes all taxes and fees, which is unique among the Big 4 carriers.

So $80 a month for two lines that you sign up for during their ‘20% off for life’ promotion is truly $80 a month. Not a penny more!

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