Store brands vs. name brands at the pharmacy


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TRANSCRIPT: When there’s something ailing you, do you reach for the brand name medicine at the pharmacy or the discount store?  Or do you get the off brand, or the store brand?  

Consumers still buy the store brand, but a huge amount of people still buy the brand name. You face this challenge all the time, the brand name sitting next to the store brand in all different product categories, and you wonder: is all this going to work as good? 

Well let me tell you, the ingredients in the store brand and the name brand are absolutely the same.  The price difference is 30% to 50% cheaper than buying the store brand.  

So, maybe you’re still nervous. What do pharmacists buy?  A new survey finds that pharmacists more than 90% of the time when they’re buying meds for themselves or their families, they buy the store brand.  That’s right. They know it’s safe to save the money, and so should you.  

Clark Deals
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