Sprint is offering Verizon customers double the data for the same price


If you’re a Verizon customer and looking for a cheaper option for cell service, you might want to check out Sprint’s latest deal!

Sprint is offering the ‘Better Choice’ plans that compete with Verizon — but Sprint is giving you a lot more data for your dollar.

Check out this chart from Sprint comparing the plans:

Sprint offering great deal for Verizon customers

Sprint claims it will give you two times the data for the same price as Verizon.

For the XXL plan, a family can get 40 GB of data for $100 with Sprint, while you’d only be able to get 18 GB with Verizon. And if you have kids who blow through their data allotment pretty quickly, this may save you some big overage fees!

Though Sprint has traditionally lagged behind the other three major cell phone carriers, the company garnered 501,000 postpaid net adds in the third quarter of last year, due to aggressive ad campaigns. Things appear to be looking up for Sprint, but T-Mobile has been the big winner as of late. Remarkably, T-Mobile has added over 1 million subscribers each quarter for the past 11 quarters.

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A battle for market share

These big promotion battles signify even bigger transitions shaking up the mobile industry, with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile continuing to compete for more market share.

This week AT&T announced it would offer a $650 credit to customers switching from Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile, while T-Mobile remains king of the clan right now in terms of increased customer volume and network quality.


Though Verizon might be more expensive, it has tried to differentiate itself by increasing data and issuing jabs at competitors to show how much better its data plans are. T-Mobile and Sprint have fought back, saying the ads are misleading.

With so many lower cost carriers popping up, this will continue to put pressure on the four major carriers to drive prices lower.

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