Smartphone shopping: Savings + security


Another great deal and where did I find it? On my smart phone. If you’re not using your smart phone to look for deals, that’s not very smart. Because more and more, where we find the bargains is here. I love to travel and a lot of times there are better deals on the mobile sites of travel companies then are available on a desk top or a laptop. As far as buying on your phone, it’s secure.

You’re buying over the digital network of your cell phone provider and so far, knock on wood, no one’s figured out how to break into these digital networks and steal your information. It may even be more secure than buying on your computer at work or at home. So this is a great place to start. You may need to go shop on a regular desktop to see what other people are offering to find the best deal. But as far as finding stuff day by day this is my best friend. I’m Clark Howard.

Clark Deals
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