Save money with do-it-yourself security systems


Damon Whitlow is pretty clear about why he made the decision to install a home security system on his own

“I don’t like being held down to a contract so the fact that I didn’t have to pay somebody monthly meant that I could keep that money in my pocket.”

Two years ago he installed iSmart for a little over three hundred dollars–Ismart is just one of several new systems that lets you to install and monitor home security on your own.
To have a technician come out would cost about 500 dollars. But for us it took me ten minutes and cost me nothing.

His package came with two door sensors, a motion detector and a camera. Additional devices can also be purchased. He downloaded the Ismart app to his phone and is able to keep an eye on his home by tapping the screen.

The camera is 360 degrees so….it does give me the ability to see anywhere in the room to monitor. If the system is armed and a door is opened, or the motion sensor is set off, it sends an alert text message to the user’s phone followed by an automated call. Then it’s up to the homeowner to decide if 911 needs to be called.

I think that’s the best feature, the fact that if there is an emergency of a situation where i want to hit panic, I can just hit the button, it prompts me to call 911 and connects me directly to them.

If having a complete self serve system is too much for you, you can do something half way, where you install a system yourself, but have it monitored like a traditional one — just at big cut in cost: $14.99 a month with no contract. Simplisafe is the biggest player in that business, but again, they have a lot of competition too. Lots of choices for you to save big money. I’m Clark Howard.

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