Save up to 80% on digital music purchases


If you’re overpaying for music through Apple’s iTunes store, stop it!

Apple so dominates the music scene through iTunes. But you can buy songs from other sources and play them on Apple devices with relative ease.

Amazon has had enough of Apple dominating the music scene and has started a price war.

Amazon is offering top MP3 albums for sale in their entirety for $5. So stop overpaying for music on iTunes.

There’s one extra step to take music purchased elsewhere and put it on an Apple device. “When I download music from Amazon on my computer it downloads to the ‘My Music’ folder, and all I have to do is open up that folder, highlight the music that I want to put into iTunes, and drag it into the iTunes library and let go,” my associate producer Joel told me. “That automatically copies the music that I just downloaded and puts it into iTunes.”

Clark Deals
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