New app keeps your packages safe and saves you money


Shipping gifts for the holidays can often be expensive — and even risky! But there’s a new app that can help solve all of your delivery dilemmas and even put some money in your pocket.

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Roadie: The Uber of shipping

Roadie is an on-demand delivery app that connects drivers with people who need items delivered on the way to where the driver is already going. Much like Uber or Lyft, drivers are rated and reviewed. However, unlike Uber, Roadie gives you the option to hand select your driver. The company has even teamed up with Waffle House, where you can meet your driver and receive a free coffee!

How it works

Download the app for free from the app store or visit the Roadie website. When you’re ready to ship something, just create a new “Gig,’ which the company says is “basically anything that needs to go from here to there, whether it’s across town or 2 states away.” You can even send your pet!

After you create your Gig, drivers can then make offers based on location and price. Once you accept a driver and set a pick-up time and location — your driver will come pick up and hand deliver your item anywhere you want it to go!

Roadie provides up to $500 of insurance coverage on every delivery and you can add up to $10,000 of additional coverage for a fee.

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Driving for Roadie

Want to make a little extra cash this holiday season? Sign up to be a Roadie delivery driver. All Roadie drivers get free roadside assistance when they’re on a gig and discounts at companies like Waffle House, ZipCar and StoreX. You even receive a summary of miles driven at the end of the year which you can write off on your taxes.

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