Have ‘A’s on your report card? Here’s where you can get free food and more!

Have ‘A’s on your report card? Here’s where you can get free food and more!
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Is there a straight-A student in your family? Those perfect report cards could score free food and more for your child at a number of participating restaurants and stores!

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Straight-A report cards mean free food, free game rentals and more

After reaching out to the media relations departments of each restaurant below, we’ve opted to break this list into two pieces.

If your favorite restaurant doesn’t show up on the Confirmed list, don’t let that stop you from trying to redeem a freebie offer.

Just be sure to call ahead and confirm before you show up expecting free food! Many of these restaurants are franchises and/or independently owned and operated, so the decision is ultimately the franchisee’s.

And don’t forget to bring your child’s report card with you to the restaurant as proof of good grades!

Confirmed restaurants with report card rewards


applebee's free kid's meal

Teachers can go online and request a free meal certificate for students 12 and under who receive an A on their report card. The Applebee’s award card which can be redeemed for a free meal from the Kid’s Menu.

Note: This offer is from RMH Franchise rather than from corporate. RMH Franchise operates 140 Applebee’s locations in 15 states.



Your local Chick-fil-A has the discretion to offer a free six-piece chicken nuggets or a free ice cream cone when you bring in a report card with an A.

However, when we reached out to CFA corporate, they reminded us that each restaurant Operator can decide to make this offer available or not. Find your local Chick-fil-A restaurant and ask them what, if any, report card rewards they’re offering.

Chuck E. Cheese’s

According to the company’s website, you can get 10 free tokens or points when you bring in your good report card.

chuck e cheese free tokens

Family Video

Who knew video rental chains still existed? We certainly didn’t! But if you’ve got good grades, you’ll want to know about Family Video’s free movie or game rental offer for you. (Limit five free rentals per customer.)

family video marco's pizza report card rewards

Marco’s Pizza


What goes better with a free movie or game than free pizza? Marco’s Pizza will give you a free small pizza with one topping when you get an A on your report card!



Get a free scoop when you show your report card with an A.

Krispy Kreme 

Get up to six free glazed doughnuts for every A on your report card.


K-5 students can receive a free Happy Meal when they bring their report card to a participating store. Middle and high school students can receive a free Value Meal.

Pizza Hut

Three As on your report card will score you a free personal pan pizza and small soda or milk if you’re in elementary or middle school.



Get a delicious treat for a report card with all As and Bs.

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