How to stop paying for home Internet service


According to a new study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly one out of 5 people with annual incomes of $50,000 to $75,000 now use their cell phone as their primary home Internet connection.

And it may not come as a surprise that with the majority of Americans now owning smartphones, mobile Internet service has started to compete more directly with wired Internet connections.

While 75% of households still use wired technologies for high-speed Internet service, including cable, DSL and fiber-optic connections, that number is down from 82% in 2013 — a clear sign that more and more people are moving away from having both services in place.

Giulia McHenry, chief economist with the Office of Policy Analysis and Development, said in the report that mobile is contributing to a ‘profound shift in how Americans use the Internet.’

So how can you use your phone’s Internet connection for your home?

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How to use your phone’s data at home

The simplest way to use your phone to access content at home is to connect your smartphone to your TV through a Micro HDMI cable. You’ll want to get one with a long cord, in order for you to be able to access your phone from wherever you’re sitting and still be connected to your TV.

If you have an Android device and a Roku Streaming Stick, you can also display your Android screen on your TV.

To do this, enable screen mirroring in your Roku settings and casting on your Android device, then click on the streaming icon that pops up on your phone or tablet to start viewing on the big screen.

Cricket offers unlimited talk, text and data for $65 a month


If you have an iPhone, you’ll also need Apple’s Digital AV Adapter in addition to an HDMI cable to connect it to your TV.

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Cricket unlimited’s plan is just $65 month including fees

Another way to avoid paying two bills and rely solely on your mobile Internet service is to get an unlimited data plan — and there are tons of low-cost options available these days!

Cricket Wireless, a wireless provider on AT&T’s network, just announced a $65-a-month unlimited everything offer — including fees!

Additionally, this is the breakdown for additional lines:

  • $55 extra for a second line
  • $45 extra for a third line
  • $35 extra for a fourth line
  • $25 extra for a fifth line

This is a great way to enjoy unlimited everything when it comes to phone service at a great price.

Other options for unlimited talk, text and data

There are several companies you can choose from if you want unlimited talk, text and data you could also use in your home, in addition to Cricket Wireless.

  • Metro PCS – T-Mobile’s discount brand: $60
  • Boost Mobile – Sprint’s discount brand: $55
  • T-Mobile: Get unlimited talk and text and 10 GB LTE data, 4 lines for $35 each. But with its Binge On plans, you can stream tons of video that won’t count against your data! You’ll just have to be careful not to go over your data other than what’s available on a Binge On plan, so if you’re worried about that, an unlimited plan is best.

Since you’re already going to pay monthly for a phone, using your phone’s data for your home is a great alternative to lowering the expenses in your life. The great news about these shifts is that you have more control and more choice.

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