Pay TV with Sports $20/month


Do you know the average consumer pays $92 a month according to an estimate I saw recently for Pay TV? That’s either the cable company or a satellite provider, so if you hate paying all that money, what if you could drop your cost to $20 a month? Twenty!

That is the promise of a new offer from, of all people, Dish Network. They’re offering an internet-based TV service that has ESPN, ESPN2, and a small number of other cable channels for the flat $20 a month that you can watch on your cellphone, your tablet, your computer, or your TV. So, $20 a month vs. other people costing on average $90+ a month.

How do they do it? A much more limited package of channels and you can only watch one show at a time. So you or multiple people in the house all wanting to watch different things, this wouldn’t be for you. But if you are one person, this could save you a fortune. Check it out at I’m Clark Howard.

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