New services let you buy a car sight unseen


The way you and i buy a used car is being turned on its head because of smart phones and the internet. There are now several new companies that are offering entirely new ways to take the pain out of buying a new car. One on the west coast called Beepi that I think has legs and will spread around the country is one where if you are a private seller wanting to sell your car. Beepi checks it out, makes sure it’s ok. They arrange for a buyer to get the vehicle. They back the whole thing, and if your car doesn’t sell, Beepi will buy it from you.

Also Carvana. Carvana is steadily growing as a company that  sells used cars. Where,  get this: you buy used cars only from what you’ve seen on the internet. You have seven days to decide if you like it or not. If you don’t, no questions asked, you get your money back. The whole idea is to make buying a used a car and selling one ultra easy — and that’s the future. I’m Clark Howard.

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