New ratings: Best mattresses for your money


I don’t know what’s more confusing and frustrating for people to buy than a mattress. You go to the stores and you get overwhelmed almost immediately, all the makes, all of the models, and it seems every retailer calls their mattresses a different thing. That’s because they actually do that a lot. The same exact mattress will be at two different retailers but will have different names in each. Why? To make it tough for you to price comparison shop.

So when you’re looking for one I recommend you start with consumer reports recommendation. Consumer Reports’ top mattress is thousands and thousands of dollars, how about right at three thousand dollars, but two top rated mattresses from Consumer Reports started at 650 and 700 dollars respectively. So you don’t have to spend a fortune. This one is one from Sleep Number — they got a great rating starting at $649. And Costco has one of the best so be very careful before you spend big bucks to get a good night’s sleep. I’m Clark Howard

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