New app gives a free and easy way to store your photos


Do I have a deal for you if you carry an iPhone or an Android. But this is especially important for you if you carry an iPhone. One of the problems with an iPhone is the memory capacity, because you can’t put in a memory card and people run out of space — particularly if they love taking pictures or shooting videos.

Well here’s Google coming to the rescue. For either iPhones or Androids they have a new service called Google Photos that you can download in your play store, or in the iTunes store for Apple, and once you’ve downloaded it you can have unlimited storage for life for free for your photos or videos.

It’s made a huge difference in my family where both of my daughters are photo-a-holics and keep running out of capacity. Now that problem is solved for them. The Google app also organizes your items by date, by category, by whatever method you want so that they’re easily available in just an instant. And it’s completely free. I’m Clark Howard.

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