Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day with these 12 delicious deals!


National Chicken Wing Day is today, and you know what that means: Deals galore on chicken wings!

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According to Time Magazine, the Buffalo wing (or chicken wing), was invented in 1964 at a family-owned establishment in Buffalo, New York called the Anchor Bar. Owners Frank and Teressa had a son named Dominic who claimed his mom invented them by throwing together a late night snack for he and his friends. His dad Frank said they had accidentally received a shipment of wings (instead of other chicken parts) and Teressa had to come up with a creative way to cook them.

But although the stories don’t necessarily contradict, now that the Bellissimos are long gone, no one knows exactly which story is correct. Later in 1977, after Buffalo Wings became all the rage, Buffalo Mayor Stan Makowski declared July 29 Chicken Wing Day.

Here are 12 great deals on chicken wings for National Chicken Wing Day!

Save money by making your own

If you’d rather save even more money by making your own chicken wings at home, here’s a great easy way to make them!

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