Metro PCS: 6GB of data for $30!

Metro PCS: 6GB of data for $30!
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Not a week goes by without another price cut in the cell phone world! Here’s the latest one…

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Metro PCS’s new limited time offer

For a limited time only, Metro PCS is offering two lines with unlimited talk, text and 6GB of 4G LTE data for just $60. That works out to be $30 a line. Each additional line up to five is also $30 a month, making this a great family plan option.

The neat thing with Metro PCS is that price is the price; there are no extra junk fees. So it’s not $64.50 or $66.21 when you add in regulatory fees and taxes. This is a straight up $60 a month deal!

One caveat: The 6GB offer only applies if you’re porting a line over from another carrier. If you don’t port a line, that data allotment is dropped to 3GB.

But at least each line will get its own data, so you’re not sharing 6GB between two lines!

Metro PCS runs on the T-Mobile network. In the most recent speed tests, T-Mobile was fastest in midsize and large cities. Check the coverage map to determine if you’d have coverage at work and in between work and home before you jump at this deal.

Meanwhile, if you’re really price sensitive, check out Republic Wireless — $10 a month for unlimited talk and text plus unlimited data on Wi-Fi only — or, which offers 1,000 talk minutes, 1,000 texts and 500 MB of LTE data for absolutely FREE (unlimited data on Wi-Fi too)!

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