Low price, lesser-known cell providers top latest ratings


One of the bills that all of us have that seems to grow over time is what we’re paying for our cell phones. Well I’ve got great news for you.  Consumer Reports has just rated cell phone companies, big and small, and the companies that rated the best overall for customer satisfaction were companies you’ve likely never heard of. That’s right, the big four, Verizon AT&T,  T-Mobile and Sprint got pretty miserable customer satisfaction ratings.

On the other hand a little teeny company called Ting, another called Consumer Cellular, the third, Republic Wireless, got the absolute highest ratings for customer satisfaction, have great customer service, and very low prices per month for monthly service. How low? As low as as $5/ month. That’s really cheap, isn’t it, for your cellphone plan. I have a guide to help you find these really great bargain plans at clark.com and just save your money. I’m Clark Howard.

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