Jet drops the $50 membership fee, now free to use!


Like the convenience of Amazon Prime, but not too happy about the $99 annual fee? wants your business and they’re willing to let you join their discount club for free!

This newly launched service has found something interesting in their young life: They found people bought stuff when they offered free trial memberships, but when it came time to pay the membership fee, they didn’t want to pay it. Since sales have been higher than projections, they’ve now decided to eliminate the annual fee!

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The #1 rule for shopping on Jet is designed so that the more you shop, the less you pay. They reward loyalty with lower prices. One new study I saw recently found that has lower prices vs. Amazon a whopping 94% of the time!

If you only buy one item at a time, you will save precious little money. But if you have a basket of multiple items, particularly their best deals of the day, you will save substantially.

As far as customer service, I have heard no complaints about the service so far. Will they continue to provide good customer service over time? Who knows!

The reality is they are losing investor money selling things below cost. Who knows if their business model will be sustainable? But if they want to go broke selling below cost to save you money, so be it! So you owe it to yourself to comparison shop on But remember, buying a single item does not generate savings. It’s filling up a basket with items that generates significantly lower prices for you.

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