7 Items on Deep Discount in January

7 Items on Deep Discount in January
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Since the holidays are over in January, you might be thinking more about saving money rather than spending it. January is a great time to get your finances in order and set new goals.

If you are looking to make any purchases to celebrate the new year, there are several items that are a great deal in January. Buying these things now can save you big bucks in the long run!

1. Fitness Products

Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment is entering its prime selling season as people look to get fit in the new year. Look for price drops on treadmills and elliptical machines for a high-impact purchase.

In addition to finding a great deal on workout equipment at this time, you’ll save big by working out at home throughout the year instead of picking up a pricey gym membership!

Additional tips:

  • Be sure to try out machines and fitness equipment at the store before buying.
  • According to Consumer Reports, you can get a high-quality elliptical machine for around $2,000.
  • Buying a folding treadmill can save you a lot of space in your home!

For more information, check out the buying guides for treadmills and elliptical machines at Consumer Reports

2. TVs


During the beginning of the year, TVs are heading into their prime time sales season. The upcoming Super Bowl makes this a great time to purchase a new TV, and when it comes to brands, Clark says it’s not quite as big of a deal as you might think.

“I find that people often way overpay for flatscreens because they think they are hurting themselves if they buy a brand they don’t know much about. But the reality is you hurt yourself more if you pay more for a TV since as prices drop screen size gets larger and capability gets better.”

Instead, Clark recommends going down on brand and up on screen size. Better yet, opt for a cheaper brand and keep the same size for more money in your pocket.


Walmart, Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics offer some great deals on TVs throughout the year, and you’ll see more than usual in January. Be sure to follow ClarkDeals.com for the best current TV deals!

For more ways to save, be sure to check out Clark’s TV buying guide.

3. Bedding

Bedding and sheets

The tradition of buying sheets in January started in 1878, and according to Consumer Reports, it’s still a great time to buy.

Nearly 150 years ago, Philadelphia department store owner and marketing pioneer John Wanamaker sold bedsheets at a deeply discounted price in order to compensate for slow business after the holiday season. This tradition is now known as the “white sale” — the department store trend to sell bedding and linens at incredibly low prices.

Before making your purchase, be sure to check the return policy on bedding at the store you’re buying from. For more tips on shopping for the best sheets, check out the buying guide at Consumer Reports.

4. Toys


While you may feel like you’ve bought enough toys to last a lifetime during the holidays, you can always stockpile them for future birthdays, parties or the next holiday season.

You’ll find tons of toys marked down in January during post-holiday sales. Amazon, Walmart, Target, and the Disney Store are great places to look for sales, promotions and markdowns.

5. Winter Clothing

Winter clothes


Spring fashions start arriving in stores around February, which means old stock needs to be cleared out. January is a great time to shop for winter clothing for next year.

Last year, we saw great sales from Old Navy, JCPenney, TJMaxx, Express, Banana Republic, Gap, Land’s End and more offering savings up to 80%.

For the best current deals on winter clothes (and everything else on sale in January) be sure to follow ClarkDeals.com and sign up for Clark’s free newsletters.

6. Discounted Gift Cards

Discounted gift cards

Discounted gift cards are great because they basically hold free money. You’ll most likely be able to find a bigger selection of discounted gift cards on sale in January due to unwanted holiday gifts being sold online.

Gift card exchange sites allow gift card holders to sell their gift cards for cash, and you can usually get a pretty good deal. Available gift cards can range from big box stores to clothing retailers to restaurants.

These are some of our favorite sites to shop for discounted gift cards:

7. Airline Tickets

Airline Tickets

This is a great time to plan your trips for the year as domestic flight bargains and international flight deals will be at an all-time high. In fact, Clark says that January is the month to find the best prices on airfare!

“When the weather is bleak in January, this is one of the best times to book air travel. People have tapped out their Christmas budgets, and so while no one is really paying attention, the airlines offer their best deals all year long,” he said on his radio show. “These create a fantastic money-saving opportunity! But you don’t have to travel in January, you just have to buy in January,” he continued.

If you’re looking for a great flight deal, Clark recommends checking Google.com/flights and Kayak.com/explore. Note that Google Flights doesn’t show fares from Southwest Airlines, so be sure to also check Southwest.com for additional deals.


You can find the best current travel deals on ClarkDeals.com. For more tips on cheap travel, check out Clark’s #1 rule and his travel booking and planning guide.

Final Thoughts

While you’re going to see discounts and price drops on everything from at-home workout equipment to toys this month, don’t make any purchases solely because of the deal. If you don’t truly need something, save yourself the money and don’t buy it!

For more ways to save throughout the year, be sure to check out our guide on the best time and place to furniture as well as the best time and place to buy appliances.

More Ways to Save in January

  • Price compare. Whether you’re buying online or in-store, hop online and make sure that you’re getting the best price on whatever you’re about to buy. For more on price comparing, check out our guide on how to use Google Shopping to get the best deal.
  • Look for promo codes. If you’re shopping online, you may be able to lower the final price in the cart with a promo code. Sometimes a quick Google search for “promo codes for…” followed by the item you’re about to purchase or the store you’re about to buy from can help you save big!
  • Choose free in-store pickup. Before you order bed sheets, toys, winter clothing or even a TV, see if you can choose free in-store pickup. This helps you to avoid additional delivery fees, plus you can often pick up an online order in-store the same day.

What are you hoping to score a deal on this month? Let us know in the comments below! 

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