Science says this daily habit can save you $2,500 per year

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Need a good reason to exercise? A new study found that exercising could save you a whole bunch of money!

The study from the Journal of the American Heart Association found that with all things considered, exercising can save you approximately $2,500 per year, if not more.

If you need a good reason to exercise, this just might be it

The New York Times reported that 26,239 men and women were studied in an attempt to find out the exact annual cost of being sedentary.

The findings were staggering. The study found that in just the U.S., the total cost of inactivity was $28 billion, while worldwide the cost was $68 billion each year.

To come up with the numbers, study authors from universities and hospitals around the country including Yale, Johns Hopkins and Emory took a look at the annual Medical Expenditure Panel Survey from 2012. This survey asked questions such as how much people spent on health care in the past year, how many hospitalizations they had, if any, whether or not they were smokers and how much physical activity they engaged in.

More specifically, researchers focused on costs related to cardiovascular disease, since exercise has been shown to have the biggest effect on lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The New York Times reported, ‘On average, someone who met the exercise guidelines paid $2,500 less in annual health care expenses related to heart disease…’

So, just how much exercise can save you as much as $2,500 per year?

Researchers took a look at two groups of people in the study: Those who met the national exercise guidelines of moderate activity for 30 minutes each day, five times per week, and those who did not. Those who engaged in moderate activity for 30 minutes each day, five times per week were shown to spend $2,500 less on healthcare annually, on average.

Lead study author Dr. Khurram Nasir, a preventive cardiologist and director of the Center for Healthcare Advancement and Outcomes at Baptist Health South Florida hospital commented, ‘being physically active is good for your wallet.’

He also noted that since the study only focused on the effects of exercise on cardiovascular disease, the monetary savings of exercise related to other kinds of medical ailments could actually be much higher.


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