How to win free Starbucks for life!


Want to win free Starbucks for life? 

Starbucks recently announced its Starbucks for Life campaign, whereby seven Starbucks customers will receive a lifetime’s worth of Starbucks coffee, in addition to the Ultimate Starbucks Card made of 10k hammed gold engraved with their name. Winners receive a free beverage or food item from Starbucks every day for the next 30 years, totaling $54,275 worth of Starbucks. That’s a whole lot of coffee! 

How to win free Starbuck for life

Mary, a Starbucks customer from Portland, Oregon was one of the winners last year. 

Of her win, she said, ‘We’ve been going out for more coffee breaks. It’s been fun getting to interact with the baristas at various stores too.’

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How to play

In order to enter the Starbucks for Life contest, you must be a My Starbucks Rewards® member and pay for your Starbucks purchase in participating U.S. and Canada stores using a registered card or the Starbucks Mobile App. Each time you do, you’ll receive one game play. Then, go to and log in using your My Starbucks Rewards® credentials to play the game for the chance to win. You’ll also be entered to win instant prizes, like bonus stars, or a game piece to place on their game board for the chance to win Starbucks for a day, a week, a month or a lifetime.

From December 8 to January 11, 2016, rewards members can collect game pieces for the chance to win. 

1,020 total winners

Not only is Starbucks giving away free coffee for life to seven customers, they are also giving away the below prizes as well.

  • 45 customers (25 in the US, 20 in Canada) will win Starbucks for a year
  • 225 customers (125 in the US, 100 in Canada) will win Starbucks for a month
  • 750 (500 in the US and 250 in Canada) will win Starbucks for a week

“I’m even more excited about this year’s Starbucks for Life contest because it is an opportunity for us to reward our My Starbucks Rewards members,’ said Sharon Rothstein, Starbucks global chief marketing officer. ‘With an engaging new way to play online, we’re giving away more than one million bonus stars as well as the ultimate gift of the season, Starbucks for Life.’ 

To learn more about how to win Starbucks for life, visit Starbucks’ website here. 


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