7 Things That Are Actually a Great Deal Right Now


If you’re doing OK financially right now, this is a great time to save money on many of the household items you may want or need.

With so many goods going for cheap right now, money expert Clark Howard says Black Friday, which typically has some of the cheapest prices of the year, is going to have its work cut out for it.

Clark Howard: There Are Some Deals Out There Right Now

“You hear sale, sale, sale, all the time and you just roll your eyes because everything’s always on sale, but not really, right? This is real this time,” Clark says. “There’s such a gigantic surplus of goods.”

So where are those deals? Along with Clark, we’ve enlisted ClarkDeals.com Managing Editor Charis Brown to tell us what items are on sale right now.

Where Are the Great Deals Right Now?

As always, Clark wants you to comparison shop before you spend your hard-earned money on something you want or need. Here are some of the best deals the team at ClarkDeals has found:

Laptops and Computers

new laptop

Clark says he was looking at an ad about a sale on computers recently, and the prices were basically a third of the price they were a year ago. “A third of the price!” he says.

Charis says she’s been seeing deals as well. “Chromebooks have been on sale.”

Here are some current deals:

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big screen TV

Clark has been really impressed with the reduced prices he’s been seeing on TVs lately.

Here are some great TV deals:


“Look at how cheap TVs have become,” he says. “It’s ridiculous. It’s like Black Friday every day right now on TVs.”

Read about the best deals on TVs available now.


clothes on sale

Clark says because the prices for clothing are so low right now, it’s a good time to snap up any apparel you’ve been wanting. “Clothing is being essentially given away right now,” he adds.

Charis says, “Clothing for sure, specifically casual clothing, like this Costco sale.”

Here are some great clothing deals:

Peruse this big list of current clothing deals.

Outdoor Furniture

patio and garden merchandise on sale

Charis says outdoor furniture is a bargain right now. Here are some deals you may be interested in:

Lawn and Garden Items

Lawn mower

Lawnmowers and other outdoor tools are on sale big-time, Charis says. Let’s take a look at some discounted items:

Want more? Read about these patio and garden items on sale at Walmart.



Appliances are hot items right now as well. Here are some of the best deals we’re seeing on appliances:


Cell Phones

Cell phone service

If you’re looking for a cell phone, new and refurbished devices are available for relatively cheap. Let’s take a look at some phone deals:

Looking for a phone to fit your budget? Clark.com regularly maintains a list of the best cell phone plans.

What’s Next for Consumers?

Clark says the shutdowns that happened in the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to affect prices as retailers have been forced to have sales in order to clear out their showrooms and warehouses for new product. That bodes well for consumers with favorable financial circumstances.

“Even though the logjam at the ports is way reduced, there’s still a huge amount of goods being unloaded – put on trucks, put on trains, still coming around the country – which means the deals are going to continue well into 2023,” he says. “So it is bargain-rama for a consumer who is in a position to afford.”

As for those people who have been hit hard by economic tailwinds, Clark says there’s hope on the horizon.

“For people that are stretched by rent or mortgage payment, utility costs, gasoline costs, food costs,” Clark says, “the people whose budgets have been just shredded by the inflation we’ve had this year … the good news is the inflationary pressures in so many sectors of the economy are starting to ease.”

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