How to get free and super cheap eBooks


You never know when eBooks are going on sale. Or can you? 

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How to get free or deeply discounted eBooks you’ll love

A service called BookBub alerts book lovers when books in their favorite genre are free or go on sale — with savings of at least 75% or more. 

There are over 20 categories to choose from and over 5 million people are already using the service. 

Dominique Raccah, the publisher of Sourcebooks says, ‘It’s the Groupon of books. For the consumer, it’s new, it’s interesting. It’s a deal and there isn’t much risk. And it works.’

Once you sign up with your email address, select your genre preferences and choose your favorite authors, BookBub will let you know when books go on sale for Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Droid, & other devices — every single day. 

Suzie Miller of Auburn, Washington has downloaded over 350 free books using the service. “I now have more books than I can read in a lifetime,” she said. 

To sign up for BookBub’s free service, click here

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