Daily deal site industry facing a shakedown and reset


The daily deal site industry is facing a shakedown and going through a reinvention that means Groupon and all its imitators could soon be different than we’re used to now.

The Wall Street Journal  reports about one-third of all daily deal sites across the country have shut down so far this year.  I know that on our show team, the only site anybody uses anymore is ScoutMob.com, where you don’t pay anything upfront and it’s more like a referral for discounts.

The industry as a whole is in transition. Radio operator Cumulus is planning to offer on-air deals that will be pushed by their disc jockeys. Meanwhile, the Associated Press is now partnering with newspapers to offer iCircular, which will deliver localized e-coupons to your phone in real time.

All the coming changes don’t mean there won’t be deals available, but they won’t be of the nature we think of now with getting an e-mail every morning in your inbox. Things will be made much more user friendly. As they say in the Internet world, 2.0 will be a lot more streamlined than 1.0!

Clark Deals
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