Custom furniture is getting cheaper and easier to buy


I love the idea of having something custom, but let’s face it. I am the cheapest guy you’ll ever know. I don’t like to waste a penny, so one of the neat things that is emerging is the ability for you to have something custom. Exactly like you want, when you want it, but not pay a ton for it.

I’m gonna give you an example of one industry: furniture. You go into a furniture store and you look around, and it’s like so much of the furniture got hit buy the ugly stick, right? It’s sitting there and they have to put it on clearance because nobody wanted it.

Well what if you only made furniture when somebody actually wanted that furniture? That’s the idea of a number of companies using the latest technology. Where you pick out what furniture you want, what design you want, on the internet. And then it’s made custom for you, but because of new manufacturing techniques and computer technology, it’s really, really cheap.

There are companies doing this for office furniture and for residential so you can make stuff for your own home.

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Clark Deals
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