Is Clark as cheap as he claims? You decide..


Clark’s wife asked him if he was going to fess up about his most recent deal hunt. Here it is, and this one’s a doozy…

There was a recent deal at CVS drug stores for soda, where they offered four 12-packs of soda pop for $10. At about 20 cents a can, that’s a pretty good deal. But there was another wrinkle: If you bought this deal three times in a week, you could go back and get a fourth batch of 12-packs for free! Now we’re talking a great deal!

So, much to the chagrin of his wife (and the patient CVS employees), Clark went back to the CVS not just a fourth time–but eight times over the week! Now, his family has a four month supply of soda, but he was able to bring the price down to about 15 cents a can.

CVS assumed not many people would take advantage of this offer, as there were so many hoops to jump through in order to redeem it. But CVS doesn’t know Clark! (Well, they do now.) Clark says if the sale had been valid more than a week, he’d have likely ended up with a garage full of soda, far more than his family could drink before they expired.

So, Clark may be crazy, but apparently he’s not alone. On the final day of the sale, there were six other cost-conscious people in line to nab their free 12-packs.

Clark Deals
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