Cheaper alternatives to Amazon


I love to save money, and I also love convenience. Who doesn’t? Amazon is the easiest place I can think of to ever buy anything. Especially if you’ve set up “one-click” to purchase without even thinking about it — bam. Amazon knows that. Amazon used to be about low prices. Now, though, it’s about convenience.

So others are starting to play in Amazon’s game, but using price as the way to compete. One of them is, and Jet is by invitation only right now. Normally has a fee like Amazon Prime, but right now if you sign up as a newbie on it they’ll give you six months for free to check it out.

A recent study found that Jets prices are lower than Amazon 94% of the time. So it’s worth giving that a try. Just in the next couple  of months Walmart is rolling out a discount online service to compete with Amazon Prime that will be $50 a year. Three day delivery, not two, but generally much lower prices. I’m Clark Howard.

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