Cheap ways to replace a broken or lost phone


TRANSCRIPT: I have nothing but good news for you on the cellphone front. Let’s start with HTC. The most maddening thing when you spend big money on a cellphone is you have a case of the clumsies, you drop it and you smash the thing into smithereens and it’s a huge money to have it repaired or replaced. Well now HTC is giving you a free replacement when you have a case of the clumsies, because as they say, life happens.
The really great news is that older cellphones that have been discarded or left in a drawer or whatever, now they’re worth money. Even Apple will pay you for an old Android device, if you decide to switch from an Android to an iPhone. In fact for so many of us if you’re price sensitive you want to look into buying a used or reconditioned cellphone. Either Android or iPhone, because most of them are decent shape and you buy them for a fraction of the original cost. Turn your old cellphone into cash. You need a new cellphone? Look at that old one somebody turned into cash. 

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