How to find cheap tablets starting around $20


If you’re looking for a cheap tablet, you’re in luck!

Many options for 7-inch screens starting around $20

Several years ago, I made a prediction early in that year that tablets would be sold for $99 or less by Christmas. Keep in mind that tablets were the hottest item of the year back when I said this. Well, as it got closer and closer to Thanksgiving, it started looking like I was going to be a liar. But then the Black Friday sales eventually came in at $99.

Today, you have to work hard to get to $99 when you’re buying a tablet! That’s because tablets has fallen out of favor thanks to the bigger screen phones.

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If you do want a tablet, I’m predicting you’ll find 7-inch screens for around $19 through this holiday season. Amazon is planning its own $50 tablet. And I’m already starting to see the off-brands pricing out routinely around $29, $39 or $49. (iPads are getting cheaper too, but they won’t be that low in price!)

Right now, I’m seeing white label tablet where you’ve never heard of the brand for around $20. has one for $29 though it’s for in-store pickup only. is also a very cheap place to get a cheap tablet. I’ve seen prices starting at $25 with free shipping. If you want a larger screen size, those will be more money. Look for 10-inch screens starting around $35.

Are any of these tablets any good? Beats me. I have no idea!

If you wind up ordering from a Chinese website, be sure to look closely at shipping. A lot of the sites have free shipping,as I told you. But if you don’t pay attention, you could pay more for shipping than for the tablet itself!

These cheap tablets make a great gift for a kid. Because if a kid breaks a $20 tablet, you won’t be as upset as if they break a $100 or $200 tablet!


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