Cell deal: 2.5 GB of data for under $40/month


It seems never a week goes by that there’s not a new cell phone plan that’s cheaper than the “best deal” offer the week before. And no exception right now. Boost Mobile, which is a discount brand of Sprint, is offering a deal right now where you pay $35 a month and you get unlimited talk and text — not a big deal — but you also get 2 1/2 gigs of data each month included. That is a big deal.

So unlimited talk, unlimited text and, to give you a sense, to have 2 gigs of data is more than most people use in a month by far. Unless you’re what they call a data hog , this will be plenty for you. You set up to pay automatically every month and the 35 bucks gets it done. But if that’s not cheap enough for you, I have another offer I want to tell you about. It is from a company called Republic Wireless. For $25 a month you get unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data. That’s a deal! I’m Clark Howard.

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