Cash your tax refund at Walmart for free


Walmart says save money, but do you really? This time you do. Because Walmart  has a special offer for your tax refund. You know a lot of people don’t have checking accounts. And when you get a tax refund you get hit with big fees to cash that check. But now Walmart has a special program this tax season called Direct-to-cash. When do your return you have it set up so that it will send the money to Walmart, you go to Walmart and get your money, fee free.

For a typical tax payer who doesn’t have a bank account, that may save you fifty or so dollars being able to get your refund right then and there without paying any junk fees. What’s in it for walmart? Well think about it. They hope that once you’re there and you have all that hot cash put in your hand, that you won’t leave the store until you have spent a lot of the money in there. So you win and they win. I’m Clark Howard.

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