Best times to buy everything you need this holiday season!


When are the best times to buy certain things during the holiday shopping season? New data from offers some insight into how to become a shopping genius! 

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According to, there are certain dates when you can expect to get the best prices on certain items. So with a little planning, you can get everything on your list without breaking your budget!

When to buy what during the holidays:

  • Electronics: Save up to 49% December 5
  • Toys: Save up to 40% December 11
  • Travel: Save up to 47% November 18
  • Books: Save up to 53% December 10
  • Flowers and Gifts: Save up to 46% November 28

Interesting to note: 21.4% of smartphone owners will use their phone to buy holiday merchandise this year — and apparel, toys and travel are the three hottest categories for mobile shopping.

Best times to buy anything (Infographic)

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