7 Items on Deep Discount in December


The holiday shopping madness can get overwhelming — making it tough to know which deals are actually good deals. Plus, with all the traditional holiday sales going on, a lot of people miss out on some of the other great bargains happening this time of year!

Daniel Butler, vice president of communities integration for the National Retail Federation, says you are likely to find the best discounts 10 days before and after Christmas. Prices are ‘really competitive’ during this time, with retailers trying to boost fourth-quarter sales.

But as you navigate the holiday sales, don’t forget about other items that may not be traditional holiday shopping items but are on deep discount in December!

7 Things on Deep Discount in December

1. Pools

No one is thinking about pools this time of year, so it can be a great time to scoop one up at a good discount. Pool installers have to keep costs down to keep business coming in since it is their off-season.

2. Golf Clubs

Another great offseason item is golf clubs, so these make a great item to buy this time of year. New England Golf Monthly says they’ll probably be last year’s models though. Check out golf consignment stores like 2ndswing.com to get an even better deal!

3. Diamonds

According to Bankrate.com, you can find a good deal on diamonds. ‘December is the biggest month for diamond sales of the whole year,’ Butler says. Though not all diamonds are on sale, it is likely to find a discount of 30-50% off.

4. Toys and Books

Though toys aren’t the best deal for Black Friday, companies will be trying to sell off remaining inventory as we get closer to Christmas. Butler says toys can go on sale for 30-40% off their normal price, and books that have been out for a while for up to 50% off.

5. TVs and Electronic Games

Electronics games are on sale since so many items are great gift items, and TVs are a fairly good deal in December. If you want to wait for the absolute best time to buy a TV, wait until January right before the Super Bowl. Bankrate says this is especially true for high-end TVs.

6. Champagne

According to Sharon Castillo, former director of the Office of Champagne USA, champagne actually gets cheaper leading up to New Year’s Eve. Since supply is in excess, champagne companies vying for business will try to out-do each other for sales.

7. A Vacation

December 1-15 is typically a great time to go on a Caribbean vacation. It’s off-season and most likely to be the best deal. If you need a break from all the holiday hustle and bustle, why not go on a trip before the holidays? You’ll come back refreshed and ready for Christmas!

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