Bargain Hunt: Score up to 90% off already discounted merchandise


With 61 stores, Bargain Hunt promises discounts on brand name merchandise of 30% to 50% off normal retail pricing.

They have everything from brand name clothing for men, women and children; electronics and TVs; home furnishings; toys, bikes, sporting goods and outdoor gear; indoor and outdoor furniture and more.

But here’s the real way to get deals: Go to the store on a markdown day.

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Bargain Hunt: Score up to 90% off already discounted merchandise

Here’s how Bargain Hunt’s markdown day works

Every item is dated when it arrives in the store. For every week that it sits around, another 10% is knocked off the sticker price.

Find an item that’s been hanging around for four months and you’ll get 90% off the sticker price!

Markdown days occur every 7 to 10 days at most stores.

Bargain Hunt buys truckloads of merchandise from retailers and even other liquidators that didn’t ‘sell through’ via traditional  channels. So there are always new trucks coming in replenishing the merchadise.

That’s why it pays to shop the store frequently! Find a store near you in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina. More stores will be coming in 2017.


Watch this video below to see the process of finding the deals in action…

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Bargain Hunt: How to score up 70% to 90% off already discounted merchandise

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