9 non-food items you should buy from Aldi

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If you’re familiar with money expert Clark Howard, you know how much he loves to shop at Aldi. Our team has done the research, and Aldi’s prices were 18% lower on average than Kroger and 25% lower than Walmart!

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Here’s a little-known fact about the money-saving grocer: You can save big bucks on non-food items too! From electronics to furniture, Aldi offers great buys on household products and other essentials. In fact, Sarah from ClarkDeals.com regularly pulls the best deals from Aldi’s weekly ad.

Aldi’s awesome deals on non-food items

To help you determine which items are truly sizzlin’ deals, this list from Cheat Sheet covers the best non-food bargains at Aldi.

Water filter pitchers

Water filter pitchers can be incredibly expensive. This Aldi shopper gave the Crofton six-cup water filtration pitchers a good review for quality and price.

Baby wipes

While many shoppers will probably find better deals on diapers at Amazon and Walmart, baby wipes are usually the cheapest at Aldi — especially if the baby essential is in the weekly ad.

Bathroom goods

You might be surprised to find shower heads in a grocery store. Aldi usually carries storage organizers and bath mats that are sure to complete your bathroom on a budget.

Paper products

Reviews on Aldi’s paper products are hit or miss, but the goods are still a deal. The store’s Boulder brand typically comes in larger quantities for less money, so you can be prepared with plenty of supplies for your next party. In next week’s ad, the store brand paper towels (12-pack) are on sale for $13.99. To help you see the savings, a 12-pack of Walmart’s Great Value paper towels is priced at $14.97.

Outdoor items

Outdoor furniture — especially lounge chairs — are a great deal at Aldi. The word on the All Things Aldi Reddit thread is to buy lawn chairs when you see them because they sell out fast. One user claims that a similar chair is sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $129 — nearly $100 more than the Aldi price.

Kitchen tools

The Crofton brand is a great alternative for your kitchen. Previous cookware bargains include cutting boards, a pizza crisper and a stir fry pan. You might not win Iron Chef with Crofton cutlery, but you will save a lot of money on a typically pricey item.


Food storage

Cheap containers are essential — especially if you’re more likely toss them than clean them. This assortment of Crofton snack containers is on sale next week for $2.99.

Seasonal items

From supplies for school to flowers for Mother’s Day, Aldi has great markdowns on seasonal items. With school right around the corner, the discount grocer has a good price on lunch bags for $5.99 next week.

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Anything in the discount bin

Items in Aldi’s discount bin are a steal, so take a look next time you shop. But remember, you don’t have to buy something you don’t need just because it’s cheap.

As a final word of advice, the deals in Aldi’s weekly ad move fast, so if you see something you need for a great price, don’t delay! You never know what treasure you’ll find in Aldi’s middle aisle.

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